Meet the team making CRESU “chirp” !

Ian Sims


I work at the Institut de Physique de Rennes of the Université de Rennes 1 in Brittany France, and I lead the CRESUCHIRP team. My research interests are centred around chemical reactivity and energy transfer in the gas phase, especially at low temperatures and in relation to astrochemistry. I also like designing and building new instruments when I get the chance! You can check out my personal website by clicking on my name above.

Image ©Frédéric Obé

Brian Hays

Post-Doctoral Researcher

I use rotationally resolved spectroscopy to examine structure and reactive dynamics of molecules as it pertains to reactivity of prebiotic molecules in extraterrestrial environments. In particular, I am looking to use chirped pulse microwave/millimeter wave techniques to disentangle various aspects of collisional dynamics, such as branching ratios of chemical reactions.

Ilsa Cooke

Post-Doctoral Researcher

I am a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at the IPR. During my PhD, I studied the dynamics, chemistry and spectroscopy of interstellar ice analogs using laboratory experiments at the University of Virginia and Harvard. At the IPR, I study the kinetics of gas-phase reactions involving aromatic molecules of relevance to the cold interstellar medium.

Image ©Frédéric Obé

Théo Guillaume

Doctoral student

I like to build instruments for spectroscopy and reaction kinetics. Looking at the physics of collisions through spectroscopy is an interest of mine. I come from Marseille but I love Breton dancing and also, snakes.

Omar Abdelkader Khedaoui

Doctoral student

I work on the detection of heavy complex molecules presents in the ISM using the Ka-band spectrometer. I also work on designing Laval nozzles with specific temperatures and densities required for the experiments, as well as the development of an aerofoil and a pulsed system to reach more performing flow conditions suited for the Chirped pulse technique and integrate those two systems with our microwave spectrometers.

Divita Gupta

Doctoral student

I am a graduate student in the CRESUCHIRP team and am working on setting up the chirped pulse microwave spectrometers, which will be integrated with the CRESU technique. I also use CRESU technique with PLP-LIF to study the reaction kinetics in gas phase at low temperatures. I enjoy cooking, reading, and music (both listening and singing in my un-melodious voice).

Myriam Drissi

Doctoral student

I am a first year PhD student in the CRESUchirp team. I am interested in understanding the chemistry of the interstellar medium through laboratory experiments. I come from Rennes but I love Marseillaise dancing.

Former group members

Thomas Hearne

Post-Doctoral Researcher

I’m working on the CRESUCHIRP project as a post-doc after finishing my PhD at the University of Western Australia. I’m responsible for designing and building the Ka-band spectrometer, which is suited to detections of molecules with 5-10 heavy atoms. Besides this project, my greatest passions are picnics, ping-pong and fairy penguins.

Joseph Messinger

Visiting Doctoral student

I am a graduate student in the Okumura Group at Caltech interesting in kinetics and spectroscopy of reactions and intermediates in atmospheric and astrochemistry. My stay in France is funded by the NSF GROW and Chateaubriand Fellowships.

Luc Briand

Undergraduate intern

I am a third year undergraduate physics student in Rennes, and I am helping the CRESUCHIRP team to create a LabView program for their experiment during my internship.

Scientific and Technical Collaborators

Sébastien LE PICARD


Jonathan Courbe

Jonathan THIéVEN

Didier BIET


Alexandre DAPP

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